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Space Heaters - FX Enclosure/Cabinet Heaters

EXHEAT Industrial’s range of FX enclosure heaters
comprise a selection of fixed duty and self-regulating
thermal solutions designed for compact and efficient
heating of enclosures/cabinets in Zone 1/2 (Gas Groups
IIA, IIB, IIC) or Zone 21/22 (Dust Groups IIIA, IIIB, IIIC)
hazardous areas.
The FX heaters are offered in standard “double-finned”,
“low-profile”, or “block” type variants, and can be custom
engineered (FXS self-regulating models only) to meet your
specific requirements. They are also designed to easily
integrate with the FXT range of thermostats to provide
enhanced frost protection, condensation prevention, and
temperature maintenance.

• Compact, hard anodised aluminium profile suitable
for enclosures in onshore and offshore applications
• Fitted with fixed-duty or self-regulating cartridge-
type elements
• Bespoke design option available for self-
regulating models
• T3 and T4 options available
• Easily integrates with FXT thermostats

• Condensation prevention
• Control/monitoring panels
• Control valve housings
• Fire hose cabinets
• Frost protection
• Generators
• Instrumentation cabinets
• Manifolds
• Motor enclosures
• Valve blocks
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