Lighting projects

We create lighting projects for our customers free of charge.
Our experienced designers, using specialized CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, select the appropriate solutions dictated by the client's needs.

CAD project 1 CAD project 2

Our clients include entrepreneurs from the industrial sector as well as people running a commercial or service business.
For almost every industry, we can prepare an offer for office, industrial, indoor, school, street and other lamps.

CAD project 3 CAD project 4

The software we use allows not only to calculate the number of luminaires needed to illuminate a given area, but also to simulate changing conditions in the rooms and visualization.

light simulation 1 light simulation 2 light simulation 3 light simulation 4 light simulation 5 light simulation 6 light simulation 7

We carry out lighting calculations in accordance with the EN 12464-1 standard. When creating a project, we pay attention to the requirements set by the regulations, the specification of the working environment, the economics of the solutions used, as well as the instructions provided by the client.

lighting design 1 lighting design 2

A wide range of possible lighting fixtures allows for a flexible and individual approach to each task set for our team. We can prepare designs for general indoor and outdoor lighting as well as emergency lighting.
We also provide assistance in the selection of lamps and provide a database of photometric products available in our company.

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