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Production company LTV Spółka z o.o. was registered in the fall of 1996 as a trading company. This act was approved by the District Court in Koszalin, IX Division of the National Court Register, under the number KRS0000011987.
The main subject of our activity is the production and sale of LED lighting fixtures as well as the import and distribution of products of Czech producers: MODUS s.r.o., VYRTYCH and TREVOS. We offer both industrial and office lighting fixtures, intended for internal and external use, of various types and purposes, which also have different degrees of protection from IP-20 to IP-69. We also sell industrial explosion-proof EX luminaires, incl. TREVOS and VYTYCH companies for the Z-1.21 and Z-2.22 zones, as well as anti-vandal LED lighting.


Our distribution network covers the entire territory of the country, and the group of regular distributors includes, among others explosion-proof or anti-vandal products belong to the most renowned wholesale companies in the electrotechnical and lighting industry on the Polish market.

After several years of constant development of the offer and a stable, transparent trade policy, we are able to provide you with:
1. a wide range of high-quality industrial products, for example from TREVOS, which match the products of well-known domestic and foreign producers
2. competitive prices
3. attractive discounts allowing for fair earnings
4. constant, fast deliveries of the basic assortment showing the highest rotation, including anti-vandal and explosion-proof - EX
5. timely deliveries of other types of products made to your order within one month
6. providing free of charge computer programs for designing and calculating lighting.

We strive to provide you with lighting fittings that will meet the expectations and all technical requirements.

We invite you!

LTV sp. z o. o. | tel: 943723059 | mail: | ul. Pilska 5, 78-400 Szczecinek, woj. Zachodniopomorskie | NIP 6731464154

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