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To the explosion hazard zone


Space Heaters
LFH Fan Heater

EXHEAT Industrial’s LFH Fan Heater combines
superior efficiency with simple functionality to provide
a next-generation heating solution for use in hazardous
environments where the atmosphere is classified as
Zone 1/2 (IIB+H2).
Incorporating a stainless steel casing for added
toughness and durability, the LFH is designed to operate
in ambient temperatures of -40°C to +40°C, and uses
a framework allowing for multiple mounting options on
floors, walls and even ceilings.

• Robust stainless steel housing suitable for onshore and offshore usage
• Up to 20kW (40kW with EXHEAT Advanced Controls) of thermal power can be directed to heat areas within a larger room, or warm a mid-sized room to a comfortable operating temperature
• Suitable for ambient temperatures as low as -40°C and up to +40°C
• Available in T3 and T4 temperature classes

• Fabric Maintenance
• Localised Heating
• Offshore Containers
• Oil Drilling
• Oil Refineries
• Paint Curing
• Paint Store
• Production Platforms
• Spray Booth
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