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Industrial heating devices


To the explosion hazard zone


Space Heaters - FCR
Hazardous Area Room/Container Convector Heaters

The heavy duty folded steel construction and the
finned stainless steel elements give the FCR range an
exceptionally long life. The FCR range is certified for use
in hazardous areas where the flammable atmosphere is
a IIA, IIB or IIC gas group.

• Certified weatherproof protected to IP67
• Small footprint, occupying less floor space
• Sloped top, preventing objects being placed on the grill
• Floor or wall mounting
• Integral terminal enclosure
• Suitable for ambient temperatures from -60°C to +40°C
• Incoloy 800 finned elements for long life
• Grey gloss, powder coated, sheet steel construction
• Optional built-in room temperature control thermostat
• 2 x M20 (temporary plugged) cable entry provided as standard

• Aircraft hangars
• Battery stores
• Chemical plants
• Container heating
• Frost protection
• Fuel servicing areas
• Gas installations
• Offshore installations
• Storage areas
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